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Full-Stack PHP Engineer Semi Senior

Full time en Co mini Bogotá (Colombia)


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Requerimientos del cargo

Currently we are looking for a Full-Stack Software Developer to establish a new team that will work on several projects using following technologies: Amazon Web Services, PHP, GIT/SVN, MySQL.. You will be on charge of traditional and cloud-based applications for our clients in the UK.

On this role you will make sure that the system support rapidly growing and fulfill our customer’s needs.

If you have an software engineering experience and have good attitude and if you are happy learning new things, you're welcome to check if it's a place for you! 

We are seeking to recruit an enthusiastic, highly motivated Full-Stack Developer, with solid experience in software development.


  • Responsible for end-to-end application development (requirement definition, design, development, test, release)
  • Designing and building scalable high-performing applications.
  • Front end development on HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript
  • Running large-scale applications on AWS cloud platform.
  • Writing secure web applications (owasp top 10).

This is what we need from you (Requirements and Skills):

  • Solid understanding of object-oriented programming, MVC, PHP, and RESTful API’s.
  • Great coder, organize architecture by explaining user stories with the source code
  • Design software by practicing TDD or BDDyou use design patterns when they are needed
  • Know and learn new programming languages and frameworks
  • Able to read and write in English
  • 3 years of experience developing web applications
  • Experience with PHP language, HTML5, Javascript and CSS3.
  • Systems engineering or similar degree.


Some of our benefits:

  • Work-life-balance cultureindefinite
  • Term contract with all the social benefits.
  • Regular in-office social events and even more...

Please, send your CV and do not forget your salary expectations.

¡We want to hear from you!                                  

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