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Sophos Solutions is a multinational company focused on being the best allies of companies in the imminent digital transformation from a retail, a fintech, including the banking and financial sector globally. Therefore, our Solutions Architect will be in charge of the specification, design, development and implementation of software projects.

Job Duties

  • Definition, design and development of services in the different layers to achieve business objectives.
  • Support the different systems areas in the technological transformation of development.
  • Standardize the process of adopting software engineering methods based on iterative and incremental development for the different system areas.
  • Building and documenting best practices and frameworks with respect to cloud readiness.
  • Understanding business requirements for cloud and converting them into viable solutions.
  • Leading the cultural and business change involved in cloud adoption.
  • Develop and coordinate cloud architecture.
  • Develop cloud-supported solution architectures for analytics and data protection.

Job requirements

  • Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering Systems Engineer Mechatronics Engineering, or related.
  • Technical experience of 5 years.
  • English level B2 or higher
  • Experience in AWS, Azure, GCP cloud.
  • Experience in typical infrastructure components required to deploy web applications in a highly available and scalable environment.
  • Experience providing strategies and solutions that rely on software process automation through a deep understanding of DevOps best practices.
  • Experience in Infrastructure as IaC code with solutions such as Terraform; Deploying solutions with Ansible; Jenkins or any other CICD tool; Kubernetes.
  • Experience in microservices architectures and have implemented solutions with at least one of the following Java programming languages, including in-depth knowledge of Spring Framework; JavaScript and some popular technologies like Node JS, TypeScript, Angular.
  • Experience in producing technical documents with details on Non-Functional Requirements.
  • Experience in Software Development Life Cycle
  • Experience in the financial sector, especially banking.
  • Experience with PortalWeb Content Management
  • Familiarity with architectural patterns, such as Microservices, CQRS, event sourcing.
  • Experience with server virtualization and container technology such as Docker, VMWare, Hyper.
  • Experience professionally Integration Platforms, API Gateway.

We have prepared for you:

We offer you:

  • Indefinite term contract
  • Monday to Friday schedule
  • Prepaid medicine
  • Choice of benefits at your convenience within the portfolio we have prepared for you.
  • Choose your work modality
  • Work with the most recognized banking entities in the sector.
  • Access to our platform and learning programs so that you can continue to grow professionally in your areas of interest.
  • Double extra-employment benefits (from Sophos and our end customer).

Espacios para charlas internas Sophos Solutions SAS entrega espacio para realizar presentaciones o charlas en horarios de trabajo.
Seguro de vida Sophos Solutions SAS paga un seguro de vida para sus empleados.
Ausencia por enfermedad pagada Se ofrece cobertura por días no trabajados a causa de enfermedad (pueden aplicar límites).
Cobertura de salud Sophos Solutions SAS paga o copaga cobertura de salud adicional a lo legal.
Aporte a pensión La empresa contribuye con fondos para pensiones como 401(k) y otros.
Computadora Sophos Solutions SAS proporciona una computadora para tu trabajo.

Política de trabajo remoto

Remoto sólo localmente

El trabajo es 100% remoto, pero los candidatos deben residir en Colombia para postular.

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