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What it’s like to work at Gigstack
We have a vision in which the financial administration is no longer an issue for any founder or entire company in LATAM, as a team, we appreciate new ideas, and new proposals so that together we make a positive change, we are faithful believers that changing one thing can impact and create a completely different future.
We continually seek solutions derived from technology, in this way can impact millions in a short time.
For us, it is of the utmost importance that everyone on the team feels comfortable with the place, the vision, and the mission of what we are building.
Working as a team is something we enjoy, we know that working as a team turns the pieces into a single machine, which grows and impacts much faster.

Job responsibilities

As a Gigstack Pro SDR, your main mission will be to generate qualified sales opportunities by scheduling demos. You will be the first point of contact with prospects, using your communication skills to highlight the benefits of Gigstack Pro and establish enough interest to schedule demos.

  • Prospecting and Identifying Opportunities:
    • Research and select prospects who could benefit from Gigstack Pro solutions.
    • Use effective prospecting tactics to generate interest and schedule demos.
  • Persuasive Communication:
    • Initiate and maintain effective conversations with potential leads to highlight the key benefits of Gigstack Pro.
    • Tailor the message according to the specific needs of each prospect.
  • Qualification and Scheduling of Demos:
    • Evaluate the level of interest and suitability of prospects for Gigstack Pro solutions.
    • Schedule demos with the sales team, providing detailed information to ensure a smooth transition.
  • Lead Tracking and Management:
    • Maintain organized tracking of interactions with leads.
    • Efficiently update and manage the database with accurate and relevant information.
  • Collaboration with the Sales Team:
    • Work closely with the sales team to understand their goals and ensure a steady flow of qualified opportunities.

Job requirements

  • Previous sales development experience, preferably in the software or technology industry.
  • Exceptional verbal and written communication skills.
  • Ability to quickly understand client needs and articulate effective solutions.
  • Results orientation and ability to work in a dynamic environment.


Trabajo 100% remoto El cargo puede ser desempeñado desde cualquier lugar del mundo.
Horario flexible Entrada y salida flexibles, libertad para realizar trámites personales o familiares.
Espacios para charlas internas gigstack entrega espacio para realizar presentaciones o charlas en horarios de trabajo.
Cobertura de salud gigstack paga o copaga cobertura de salud adicional a lo legal.

Política de trabajo remoto

Totalmente remoto

El trabajo es permanentemente remoto desde cualquier ubicación del mundo.

Acerca de gigstack

Management and automation software for electronic invoicing for Mexican startups and companies, which reduces up to 90% of the time in administrative tasks. — Perfil completo de gigstack