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We are a digital transformation and innovation consulting firm that develops solutions for corporate clients and high impact ventures. To date we have developed more than 200 digital projects, our expertise ranges from planning and development of digital products to consulting implementation and dissemination in digital media.
At Moventi we are looking for you, we know that our human talent is a key point to achieve success, so we are looking for people with DNA of passion and ingenuity to assume the position of iOS Developer

Funciones del cargo

  • Create automation systems and tools to configure, monitor and orchestrate data infrastructure and pipelines.
  • Create data integration services to help onboard new customers as quickly as possible.
  • Maintain the ongoing reliability, performance and support of the data infrastructure, providing solutions based on application needs and anticipated growth.
  • Work with teams across the organization to build and maintain monitor-able, performant, reliable, and highly-scalable software systems
  • Assist in defining and monitoring the organization's operational security and compliance
  • Write scripts to automate repetitive tasks
  • Conduct timely post-mortems of production incidents

Requerimientos del cargo

  • Experiencia de al menos 5 años en la posición o similares.
  • Rubrik data security experience and ideally Azure DevOps skills too.
  • Experiencia trabajando con arquitecturas de microservicios, serverless y orientado a eventos.
  • Conocimiento avanzado de Azure (mandatorio, principalmente en servicios PaaS como APIM, AKS, ACR, Container Apps, Functions, KeyVault, Storage Account, EventHub, ServiceBus, entre otros) y de otras nubes como AWS y GCP deseable. Contar con certificación que lo acredite.
  • Conocimiento sólido de DevOps y GitOps.
  • Conocimiento sólido de Infrastructure as Code (IaC).
  • Conocimiento avanzado de herramientas de CI/CD como Azure DevOps (Pipelines), Jenkins y SonarQube.
  • Conocimiento avanzado de Linux, networking, server management, Docker y Kubernetes.
  • Conocimiento avanzado Terraform y Ansible.
  • Conocimiento avanzado de Bitbucket, GitHub y GitLab, deseable conocimiento de sus herramientas de CI/CD.


Trabajo 100% remoto El cargo puede ser desempeñado desde cualquier lugar del mundo.
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Technology is dramatically changing the world we live in. Our focus is to help organizations lead the way using technology with an innovation mindset. — Perfil completo de Moventi

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